There are reasons and there are excuses. We’ll discuss the reasons. A few thing came together at the same time. First, there is a weak president in the White House. Russia knows it. China knows it. North Korea knows it. And Iran knows it. Second is the end of Ramadan. Islam is more complicated than this, but to keep it simple, Islam is not a tolerant religion. Meaning: If you do not convert to Islam, you must die! Ramadan can fall anytime during the year, but when it falls now, for instance, when there is hot weather and the days are long, it can affect the temperment of people. During the entire month of Ramadam, Muslims get up before the sun rises and have breakfast, Then they cannot eat or drink, even water, until after the sun sets. The other significant event that just happened is that Mahmud Abbas, the president of the Palestinians, cancelled their elections again. Imagine if Donald Trump (or Richard Nixon) would have cancelled the US elections at the end of October and said “I will just continue to be president”. The Americans would be fuming. So let’s say this all happened in Tijuana. They won’t blame themselves so they blame the Americans! Then they fire over four thousand missiles toward San Diego. How would a normal government respond? To do nothing is not an option. To wipe Tijuana off the face of the earth is also not an option (The US now has the means, but Mexico in 2021 is not Germany in 1945).