1. If an Israeli seeker wanted to find your congregation on the Internet, could they?
  2. If a new immigrant believer in your area wanted to find a place of fellowship, could they locate you via the worldwide web?
  3. If a visitor wanted to encourage a local congregation or ministry, could they contact you via the Internet before they came?

Let us help you get started by listing your congregation or ministry on our Internet server:


Listings for congregations or ministries can include as little or as much information as you request. This service is provided free of charge.

Send us by email the details you want included in your congregation's listing.

We do not promote any one ministry above another, nor does the site bombard the user with any secular advertisements while they are browsing. Our aim is to promote Yeshua here in the land.

In addition, we are able to host your web site, for the low price of $50 /year. We can also help you design one, if you are just getting started.