The Israeli Perspective

By Kevin Gyllenberg

Why is the world pressuring Israel to create another Palestinian state on its territory?

The Palestinians have come up with a new gimmick. Try to get the UN to recognize a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders. They want to do this of course, without negotiating with Israel. If they negotiate with Israel, they may have to give something in return, for instance,they may have to agree to peace between the two peoples. The 1967 war, let me remind you, was a war that the Arab armies of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt instigated and lost to Israel.

They want to turn the clock backward in order to be in the same military position they were in before the war and without making peace.

A brief history of the region: After the First World War, the British, who had

taken control of the area from the defeated Ottoman Turks, were given a mandate by the League of Nations (Prelude to the United Nations) to re-establish a homeland for the Jewish people in what was then called Palestine. As we know, the British government reneged on the mandate first by dividing up the land. Second, in direct conflict with their mandate, they did not allow the Jews from Europe who had survived WWII to immigrate to Palestine while they encouraged and facilitated Arab immigration.

The British, in order to appease the brother of the king of Iraq, whom they had just appointed, carved out another kingdom in all of Palestine east of the Jordan river and appointed a foreign king. Most of the inhabitants then, as they are today, are Palestinian Arabs. But it is a kingdom and not a democracy, so they cannot elect one of their own to the throne. Next, what was left of the mandate, the west side of the Jordan river, was partitioned between Jews and Arabs but the Jordanian king immediately annexed the territory to himself and joined all the other Arab nations in war against the new state of Israel in 1948.

Now, I could prove to you by international law, how Israel has every right to be a sovereign state over its own territory, But it is more than enough that God has declared in His word that this land is an eternal inheritance to the physical descendants of Abraham.

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